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#3: Pre-Application Form e ansia

Qualche giorno fa mi è arrivata la pre-application, dovrò fare dei vaccini e scrivere una lettera per la host family, poi i miei genitori dovranno scriverne una sempre per la host family, ho creati un account su Flickr per mettere le foto eee non mi ricordo cos'altro, la lettera l'ho finalmente scritta (la posterò qua sotto), su Flickr ho messo alcune foto e devo ancora fare tutto il resto ahaha
Ho tempo fino a settimana prossima, aiuto.
Oggi sono uscita con un ragazzo (probabilmentenonvenefregauncazzo), avevo un'ansia della madonna, ma è andato tutto bene ahah è simpatico e carino.
Va beh dai vi lascio la lettera per la host family e torno a studiare, la scuola mi ammazzerà e di certo non sono una cima in Geopedologia (studio della terra, inquinamento e altre stronzate), e lunedì ho la verificaa, che bello. Sono tre settimane che la rimanda e aggiunge roba, invece c'è il prof di cantiere che ogni volta che entra in classe ci dice 'oggi ne sono morti quattro cadendo dall'impalcatura', sempre, cioè dai che ansia. Il commento di mia mamma è stato 'eh dai più lavoro per voi' mamma, sei una brutta persona, ma ti amo.
Beh sicuramente non farò mai la geometra o la muratrice(?), questo è sicuro.
Dopo aver detto le quattro strozzate che dovevo vi lascio per davvero, un bacio, Rachele.

Dear host family,
my name is Rachele, I’m seventeen and I live in Casorate Sempione, a little town near Milano.
I can’t believe that I’m writing this letter, I wait this moment for a very long time.
Since I was child I dreamed America: the big skyscraper, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas with decorations everywhere, Halloween, Easter, the football games and baseball ones, cheerleaders and fans, fast foods, the beaches of Florida and California ones (I love sea).. all a big dream that I always had.
I’m a girl who loves travel, I visited the coasts of Turkey and Greece, deserts and coral reef of Egypt, the streets of Jerusalem (in Israel), I went up on the Eiffel Tower, I walked on Champs-Elysées and I visited Louvre Museum in Paris (in France), I went in Switzerland and on the beaches of Tunisia, I visited London and I was a guest in an English family who live in a small town in England, it was the most beautiful experience of my life so far, I fell in love with London and with everything that I saw there, I’ve left in London a piece of my heart.
I love traveling because I’m resourceful, I adapt easily to situations and I think it’s the greatest opportunity to know the world and learn languages.
In fact, I attended for two years the technical institute of tourism, but during the second year I started to get interested to design and architecture and I went at the technical institute for Surveyors, where now I'm attending the third year.
My mother, Monica, has always supported me in all my choices, she has always been close to me in difficult times like when I had a car crash in August of 2013, I’ve suffered various surgical operations and, while I was in the hospital, she was always there with me.
My father, Gianluigi, has always been close too, he took me to the hidden the pizza (I love pizza) in the hospital, then we ate and watched the match of AC Milan; we love soccer, we are supporters of AC Milan and we often go to San Siro (or Giuseppe Meazza) Stadium. We share this passion that has united us a lot. He also taught me how to cook, he’s very good at cooking, I’ve learned to do many dishes that I hope to cook for you!
My parents divorced when I was five, but they have a good relationship, my brothers and I were very young and so it wasn’t a shock to us.
When I was child I loved swimming and I always went to the pool with my sister Althea, the first time that I went in the pool I was only three months old, unfortunately I stopped swimming, but I would go back to swim in America!
I have tried many other sports like horse-riding, the day of my birthday I fell down from a horse for the first time, I was very frightened, my mother told me that she had a surprise for me and took me out, I found myself in front of a Jack Russel, my first dog. I loved her from the beginning, she has been with us for fourteen years, unfortunately she died in June.
I love animals (with the exception of snakes, I hate snakes, they scare me), now we have three cats and two dogs. My little twin brothers, Gianluca and Gabriele, love animals like me, we usually go into the garden to play with them and have fun.
My bothers and I have a great relationship, I love spending time with them, with my sister and my parents.
I also have a bestfriend who’s like a sister to me.
I know her for ten years and we never separated.
Her name is Giulia, she’s a very beautiful and nice girl, we share everything and we talk about everything, when we see us, we like to go to parties, watch movies, walk around the center of the city or do some shopping.
I often go shopping in Milan with my friends, I love big cities  for the countless shops.
When I walk on the streets of Milan I often hear musicians play and I realize how much I love music, of any kind. When I was child my aunt took me to concerts of Italian singers and I was always excited to go there.
I have always been very enthusiastic to the first experiences, especially to those that could change my life and I’m sure they will do it.
I have never had any doubts about my experience in America, I have always been determined to leave for a year and get to know a new culture, a new way of life different from mine and get to know a family that makes me feel at home, I really hope to make you proud of me as though I was your daughter.
Will be also thanks to you if I can live this experience that will help me grow, I hope to share with you every positive moment and, if will happen (I hope not), even negative; I hope to build a relationship that will go beyond this experience, that when I come back to Italy it wont be a ‘’goodbye'', but a ‘’see you soon’’.
I hope to live the best year of my life with a family that will become part of my heart. 
I can’t wait to meet you, to spend an year with you and grow also thanks to you, a big hug.

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